Along with creating and producing their popular pez dispensers, Pez Candy Company is also known for their distinct candy in its taste, shape and flavours
Crystal Pez
Crystal pez dispensers have pez heads that look like they are made of crystal as they are see-through
Giant PEZ
These PEZ dispensers are 12" tall and dispense whole candy rolls making them Giant versions of your favourite pez dispenser
Mini Pez
These mini dispensers are about half the size of regular dispensers and hold about 5 pez candies at one time.
The wonderful traditional candy dispenser that has become an undeniable part of our pop culture
Pez Accessories
In addition to collecting the traditional pez dispenser, Pez Co. makes many other pez related dispensers and toys
Pez Convention Items
Souvenir pins, keychains, and other from various collectible merchandise from Pez conventions