Fuzzy Friends
These pez are working dispensers with movable arms and legs that are covered in fur. There are many different animal sets to collect
Pez Accessories
In addition to collecting the traditional pez dispenser, Pez Co. makes many other pez related dispensers and toys
Pez Floaty Pens - Series #1
Pez Co. came out with the first set of four of pens in 2006
Pez Keychains
These keychains are real working pez dispensers that are about the same height of the mini pez
Plush Toys
These Pez plush, or stuffed, toys are cute additions to any collection.
Yummy Bubbles Pez
The Pez dispenser that really blows bubbles that you can eat! Just dip the wand into the Yummy Bubble solution, blow the bubbles and catch them on your tongue for a tasty treat.