PEZ Card Game

The Pez Card Game was created by Mike Fitzgerald for the U.S. Games Systems Inc company and is based on pez dispensers. As such the deck of cards feature colourful pictures of vintage and current pez dispensers and pez candy. It is a multiplayer card game that can be played by children and pezheads alike as the rules are quite simple.

The Deck

The deck is made up of two types of cards:

  1. Pez Flavour Cards.
    Four flavours in total: lemon, orange, strawberry and grape
    Each flavour card represents one (1) piece of candy
  2. Pez Dispenser Cards.
    Each of these cards pictures one pez dispenser, and since you can now purchase expansion packs you can increase the selection of dispensers in the game.
    The dispenser cards have value points printed on the card. This tells the player how many points they could score if they fill the dispenser with pez candy. The dispenser card also lists how many pez candy it will take and what flavours are needed to fill up the dispenser.

Game Objective

The objective of the game is to be the first person or team to reach twenty-five (25) points by matching all your pez flavour cards to your pez dispensers

How to Play

  1. To begin every player, or team, is dealt five (5) flavour cards. Every player is allowed to draw as many dispenser cards as they want. It is recommended that a player only takes one (1) dispenser card at a time.
  2. During each turn a player has two (2) actions. They are:
    • Match a flavour card to their dispenser card
    • Eat a pez candy from another player's dispenser by taking their flavour card with the matching flavour card. This card may be kept by the player who 'eat' the candy
    • Some flavour cards have special abilities that a player can choose to play
    At the end of every turn the player draws flavour cards until they have five (5) flavour cards in their hand again
  3. The first player to reach twenty five (25) points ends the game.

Scoring Points

In order to score points each player tries to match a flavour card with the required number of pez candy pieces needed to 'fill up' the pez dispenser card. Each player will add up the value of their completed pez dispenser cards and then subtract a point for each incomplete dispenser cards they were working on for a total number of points

Alternatives for Advanced Play

The rules of the game can easily be modified to create different levels of difficulty. Several suggestions for advanced play are:

  • change the winning point value for a longer/shorter game
  • allow for a larger hand size then five (5)
  • play on teams, with the first team to get to a specific value together wins
  • insist that each player must pick up and discard one flavour card to begin and end a turn

These are just suggestions, but feel free to get creative and make up your own rules and see just how many fun versions of the game you can play!