PEZ Happy Dance

Despite the wealth of information on the internet, I could find only two other sites who even mentioned the Pez Dance. For the longest time I thought that I was the only pezhead that woul unconsiousely start to dance for joy at finding a new pez dipsenser. But it turns out that this dance is experienced by all pezheads. I now know I am not the only one who has started to dance for joy in the middle of crowded antique stores, flea markets, and even garage sales while everyone else is staring at you wondering what on earth you are doing and the people you are with are looking at anything else but you from embarrasment.

The Pez Happy Dance, or as I now know it is called: The PEZzy Dance of Joy, is exactly as it sounds, a dance of joy, elation, exuberance at finding a new dispenser for your collection. The Pez Happy Dance, or PEZz Dance of Joy, is very unique to each colector. Every pezhead has developed or just naturally created their own version of this sacred tradition. I call my unique dance The Happy Dance, since I am so happy to find a sought after dispenser.

As wonderful as it as to be able to Dance with Joy I must caution other pezheads about the premature use of the Pez Dance. There is nothing worse then dancing with joy only to realize that the dispenser you just found is not what you originally thought, is damaged beyond repair or even worse, it is not yours yet. I have learned through personal experience that it is best to wait until you are sure that the dispenser is both yours and meets your expectations before commencing with the Dance of Joy.

There are no rules when it comes to the Pez Dance; hold the dispsenser or not, it does not matter how you dance - Just move to to your own rhythm and enjoy the dance!